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Photography Enrichment 2014

Wow! I can’t believe we’ve been teaching photography to kids for 6 years! Our children’s school has Enrichment classes after school taught by parents. It’s such a wonderful program and the kids really appreciate it. Michael teaches the kids about old film cameras, how to use their point-and-shoots, and about composition and light. Then we let them use one of our DSLR’s. We print some of their photos as 8 x 10′s. We proudly display them in the school and then the kids get to take them home.

 We love seeing the way kids see things. They always impress us!

This photo was taken in the outdoor classroom at our school. It took many years, meetings, planning, donations, and fundraising to make it happen. It turned out beautifully!



Someone Special Dance

Yee haw!It was another rootin, tootin evening for the girls and their dads at our children’s elementary school. The cowgirls & cowboys Do-si-doed and promenaded at the hoedown with a Caller teaching square dances and snacked on lots of treats! Everyone had a grand old time!


Little League Baseball

This year we sponsored our youngest son’s baseball team.

It was an excellent group of kids with great coaches. The team played so well they were one game from the World Series. Our boys have never been on a team that made it that far. It was really exciting and nerve-racking. We’re so proud of our boys for always trying their best and staying positive.


4th Grade Moving Up Dance Party

This year I was asked to be the chairlady of the Forth Grade Moving Up Dance Party committee at one of our children’s schools. The theme this year was Hollywood Rockstar. The kids were so excited to receive their VIP passes before the party.

There were so many amazingly creative moms who were a part of planing this event, and created crazy cool decorations.

This awesome marquee sign and PARK letters were all handmade by a mom. She used poster board, paper, paint, styrofoam board and clear bulb lights.

This stunning Hollywood sign was also designed by a mom and created onsite with two helpers.

Another mom wrote each kid’s name on a silver star which were hung on the walls. She also created the hanging silver stars over the doorway and a six foot tall Oscar! Parents donated old music cd’s that she hung by fishing line – they looked so pretty with the lights reflecting in them! There were eight 4-foot guitars cut out of cardboard by a few moms and dads and hand painted. The kids received their stars at the end of the night.

The kids arrived dressed like rockstars and walked down the red carpet and had their photos taken by paparazzi and in the photo booth.

There was a DJ and the kids had a fun time dancing and singing. They enjoyed food donated and discounted by local restaurants, and beautiful cupcakes made by moms.

The After Party was in the cafeteria where the kids signed the backs of each other’s new t-shirts. Then we watched the slideshow I created, which included a current photo of each Forth Grader, their baby photo, and old & new photos of them with their friends from elementary school. At the end of the evening they were given their swag bags with a DVD of the slideshow, candy, and a booklet containing each of the kid’s favorite memories and what they want to be when they grow up.

I want to thank everyone who was a part of making our Forth Graders feel like Rockstars – Bellvale Farms Creamery, Cancun Inn Restaurant, Chili’s in Monroe, Eddie’s Roadhouse, Edible Arrangements of Monroe, Fetch Bar & Grill, Frank’s Pizza, Halligan’s Public House, Laura’s Sweets, Lowe’s of Chester, Noble Pies, Price Chopper of Warwick, Roe Brothers Hardware Store, ShopRite of Chester, ShopRite of Warwick, Taco Hombre, and Wadeson’s Home Center.

And a huge thank you and hugs & kisses to all the ladies (and a few husbands) who gave their time and talents for the past two months in the planning of this event! And the clean up too!

All of you ROCK!


A lovely family on a beautiful day

It was a beautiful day for a First Holy Communion. And this little angel is so sweet. 

It was her special day but we were able to sneak in some photos of the whole family and big brothers and mom & dad too!

We went outside to get a few more shots and found the kids on the swing set like this…

When we were all done the boys went inside, then came right back out and said “the dog ate the cake!” We thought they were kidding. It wasn’t until I saw that cute little fluffy dog with white frosting on her face, did I believe them. Luckily, the cake maker had another cake on hand. Thank goodness because if not, I was going to go home and whip up some cupcakes for her!