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8th Grade Formal

Seagull Photographic Art, Warwick NY

We were so flattered when we were asked to photograph the 8th Grade Formal in Warwick! We photographed outside by two really cool antique cars (Thanks for the props Jen O’Connor!).

Seagull Photographic Art, Warwick NY

The kids all looked awesome in their formal attire! Even the sky was awesome – light blue with white clouds. But we knew there was a chance of a rain storm. Then it got a little dark outside. Michael checked a weather app to see where the storm was. It looked like it was 10 minutes away! We started photographing a little faster. Minutes after we photographed the last students, it started pouring buckets of rain! We are SO very thankful to the parent volunteers who ran over to us and ask if they could help carry our equipment under the tent. We are so happy to report that we tested our equipment after it dried out and it all still works! 

Seagull Photographic Art, Warwick NY

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Seagull Photographic Art, Warwick NY


First Holy Communion, Warwick NY

Seagull Photographic Art, Warwick NY

We’ve been photographing this sweet little girl since she was 3 years old. I can’t believe she’s old enough for her First Holy Communion! It was an honor for us to share in her special day!


Framed Photography Friday

Welcome to our first Framed Photography Friday! A place for our fabulous clients to inspire all of us, by showing off the creative ways they display our photographs.

 This framed art has been three years in the making. This family had an old window frame in their collection of great finds. In 2012, with their first photo session with us, they ordered one image of their daughter and one image of their new family of three! Then the handy-dandy husband cut the prints to fit the unusual sized openings and secured them in place. Then he simply placed the frame on their fireplace mantle. The rest of the windows remained empty until their next photo session a year later. Two more openings were filled. This past autumn they completed the frame! I LOVE this piece of art! And I love looking at how their little one has changed over the years.


Someone Special Dance 2015

It was an honor to be asked to photograph the girls at the Someone Special Dance again this year! They’re SO adorable with their cowgirl boots and hats! It’s so sweet to see the dad’s dancing and laughing with their daughters! But my favorite part this year, was the dance organizers telling the dads in the long line for photos, that it was alright to get out of line to dance. Then get back in line when the line was shorter. But the dads kept saying they had strict instructions from their wives to get the photo first!


Wedding by Hudson Valley Photographers

seagull photographic art N&B 24
We were so excited and honored when Michael’s nephew asked us to photograph his wedding to his sweet and oh-so-smart bride, Bethany.

Music is so very important to Bethany and Nick. When it came time to search for a unique place to have their wedding reception they knew they found the right spot when they had the idea to have it at Bluebird Theater in downtown Denver, Colorado. Nick had previously played there with his band MTHDS. Their wedding reception was the first to be held at Bluebird theater, which was originally a movie house and today is a cool music venue.

When planning their wedding, this creative couple knew they wanted it to have lots of personal touches and surprises for their guests so they planned it themselves.

 The unique wedding invites set the tone for the wedding and came with concert tickets for entry to the reception.

seagull photographic art N&B 2

 Their lovely ceremony was held at Church of the Holy Ghost. It was a traditional ceremony that included beautiful readings from their siblings and music played and sung by loved ones.

seagull photographic art 13

 Bethany was radiant in her dress custom altered by Nick’s very talented aunt Nina of NinaRita. She is known for creating stunning dresses that look like pieces of art. She included one of the couples favorite Bob Marley song lyrics from Is This Love, sewn inside the dress. Bethany wanted a full length dress for the wedding ceremony. One of the biggest surprises of the day, for the guests and the groom, was her dress transformation. After the bride and groom were introduced on stage at the reception, the bride asked the groom to pull on the bottom of her gown. The bottom layer of the dress detached by tiny snaps to reveal a shorter dress. Nina also made her lovely jacket and hair comb. Bethany wore her grandmother’s elegant pearls. Her gorgeous hair was done by Maggie Long from

seagull photographic art N&B 8

 Dinner was served family style by ladies in white aprons who delivered large bowls of yummy food to each table. While eating dinner we were treated to many heartwarming, music filled, emotional, creative and hilarious toasts. The bride and her girls surprised us with a very entertaining rendition of Salt ‘N Pepa’s “Whatta Man”. It was so sweet when the groom sang one of his beautiful songs to his bride. MTHDS performed a great show for us too.

seagull photographic art N&B 19

 In the lobby of the theater a Bob Marley album served as a guest book. A guitar case held the couples wedding cards and gifts. The wedding favors were music CD’s of First Dance Songs of the couples in attendance.

 Another really cool surprise for guests was the wedding cupcakes. As guests were hanging out in front of the cool marquee the joyful owner of The Church of Cupcakes rode her cupcake filled tricycle down the sidewalk. It was absolutely the coolest wedding dessert presentation I’ve ever seen.

Bethany and Nick’s wedding day was full of love, music and surprises. The traditional ceremony and non-traditional reception was a beautiful mix. We all felt like we were at a very special event!

Check out Nick & MTHDS online and on iTunes.

  • Nina Rosenberg - Congratulations on your beautiful blog:~} The photos are little pieces of art speaking thousands of joyful words